The Clubhouse is available for rental to all current homeowners who are in good standing (e.g., current on dues and with no outstanding fines or violations). There is a $500 ($250 refundable upon inspection) rental fee required to reserve the clubhouse for any non-neighborhood-wide events. The clubhouse can also be used for neighborhood-wide events, but the rental agreement forms must still be completed and signed.

If you would like to rent the clubhouse, please read and sign the Rental Forms and Agreement documents provided on this page. Although the Clubhouse Rental does not include Pool Rental, please also read and initial the Pool Rules, as all renters and any of their guests who may use the pool during an approved rental are bound by the Pool Rules.

Once you have completed the necessary documents, please submit them together with two separate checks to the clubhouse chairperson, Amanda Green, of the Clubhouse Committee. She will then handle all scheduling and approvals pertaining to rental of the clubhouse.